A Paradigm Shift in the Exploration of Music and Culture


System requirements:

Macintosh - Apple computer with Intel processor, system OS X 10.6 or later.
Windows - PC computer with Intel processor, system XP SP2 or later.

Music In the Air has been extensively tested by hundreds of students over the past three years. However, if you have difficulty using the program, please refer to the following suggestions:

1. The program opens OK, but you don't hear any music--You must install QuickTime on your computer. Download it from here:

2. You have a Mac, and the bottom part of the program is cut off--You must adjust your Dock settings:
a. Quit the program.
b. Click on the Apple icon in the top left part of your screen, and choose Dock>Turn Hiding On.
c. Reopen the program.
You can now show the Dock by moving your pointer over the Dock area of the computer screen.

If you are continuing to have difficulties, please contact us.