A Paradigm Shift in the Exploration of Music and Culture

Music In the Air, created by the team of Robert Winter and Peter Bogdanoff, is a fully integrated digital story of Western music for Macintosh and Windows computers.

Download a free demo.

The Music in the Air (MITA) Advantage

  • A single downloaded application available in eighteen different configurations sure to fit the needs of any course of study. Imagine: no need to order textbooks, no need to guess quantity, no anxious waiting to see if they arrive in time, no need to run inefficient buy-back programs, no need to track both print and e-Book versions of the same thing, no need to upload recordings or buy CDs.08
  • A structure in which the oscillation between historical/cultural context and the exploration of specific musical languages, between style generalizations and close readings of individual pieces occurs so naturally that the oppositions between history and traditional theory (even between majors and non-majors!) dissolve without a struggle.
  • Streaming audio of stellar recordings with more than 150 works or movements by almost 100 composers from the catalogue of Universal Music Group—one of the the world’s largest and most distinguished collections of recorded performances.
  • A lively, concept-rich, interactive environment for exploring music from the ancient Greeks to the most recent popular musics (with ample connections to musics of the world) that empowers teachers while encouraging students to ponder big questions, to engage their passions, to interact deeply with actual music, and to arrive at their own evolving views. 1,200 Glossary entries created specially for MITA available immediately at a single click, with special benefits to students for whom English is a second language—and with many entries accompanied by audio examples.
  • A collection of more than a hundred interactive scores with unparalleled access to the inner workings of music.
  • Powerful search engine, text highlighting, bookmarking, and personal notes.
  • Layered levels of inquiry make MITA useful to anyone from the novice non-major to the professional musician, from the teacher of traditional music theory to the teacher of music history.
  • A cost structure offering both purchase, rentals, and quantity discounts that cuts typical student outlays in half or more—not to mention much lighter backpacks!

Book 2 (ca. 1750-1875) of Music In the Air will be released in December 2014. Book 1 (the ancient Greeks through J.S. Bach) will follow in April 2015, with Book 3 (Post-Romanticism to the present) in July 2015, plus a comprehensive The Languages of Music (an integrated alternative or supplement to traditional music theory) in October 2015.